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神谷浩史 : Kamiya Hiroshi
Darkness Queen

Welcome to Kamiya Hiroshi, a.k.a. Kamiyan/Jouousama's Live Journal community.
This a community to rant/share/dowhatever with Kamiyan, but also to hope for this ful recovery.

Kamiya Hiroshi got into a car accident on 8/7/06. Although he did not wake up for a couple of days, he is recovering quickly. He already has main parts of CDs such as "Kimi Wa Koi Ni Ochiru", thought to be released on September 29th.

Some random information about Our Queen.
Name: Kamiya Hiroshi
B-Day: Jan 28th, 1975
Blood Type: A
Height/Weight: 165 cm/ 55 kg

Fangirl/boy about him all you want, or about his works. Just rant on for hours, post pictures, up CDs, do what ever you want. Go crazy and scream that you want to rape him, I wouldn't mind at all. Just please have fun. ^^

Enjoy your stay.

By: n4ncy (our other maintainer. ^^)

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